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Re: Strange Anomalies (continued)


I'm curious about the answer to the part of the question thathe gets the 
message can not find compiler.  I get that too on one of the systems I'm 
working on.  Then I type in cc <filename> And it will compile, so the 
compiler must be on my path.  I can type in make and get a make erro 
message that it can't find the make file.  So, both of these things must 
be on my path.  Yet, when I type sh configure, I get the message no 

This time I checked the faq, before spamming the list and it isn't on there.

Some of you might remember my tell verb problem with the robots.  I 
resolved thatthanks to everyone's help.  The problem was that the robot 
was looking up argstr that wasn't changed from the original say, so it 
couldn't respond to another bot.  When I passed it the entry in the array 
args that contained what the other bot said, they started talking to each 

Any help on the compile problem would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,

PS. Please excuse any format problems with this message.  I'm using 
win'95 telnet and the terminal emulation is terrible.

John Leone
System Administrator:
Gardener Grassroots Moo:  telnet 8888
Internet: ,

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