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Re: [OTHER] Social v. Scientific MOOs

> And how, as more and more MOOs are used for technical/professional work, will
> those societies develop?  Who will make the tools?  Will we all sit around
> in blandly described rooms and talk over the MBONE to each other, and not
> even notice the MOO at all?
> Curious,
> michael

The lesson from Habitat (an early sorta-mud) is that no central 
community can do all the building for the users.

Vworlds/muds is the producer/consumer world.  It would be an
incredible dull world if everything came prebuilt.  But it's not
going to happen that way.  As long as there is a fairly easy
way for people to manipulate their vworlds, they will do so.

maddog's studio
Frank Crowell


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