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Re: [OTHER] Social v. Scientific MOOs

Interesting question you pose Michael..  I might add another dimension to 
it by suggesting the 'layering' of administrators/wizards/janitors/et 
al..  My experience, limited as it is at this point compared to many of 
you, has been that even the 'staff' of MOOs are 'layered'.. each bringing 
his/her own talents/ideas/foibles/creativity to a MOO.  Some delving into 
coding, creative describing, building, verb-ing, @helping others, 
socializing, drawing ascii art..

What happens to the creative flow/energy that seems to give 'life' to a 
MOO when the 'staff' is evaluated by the number of objects one owns, the 
number of generics one has ported (with permission of course), the 
ability to be an excellent coder?  What happens when the abilities of the 
'staffer' reside in the artistic, idea-generating or communications realm?

It would seem to me that 'those who use the tools' and 'those who make 
them' would apply to those who care for our MOOs as well, blending 
talents and creativity with practical, ordered thinking. 
Hopefully resulting in the growth of the framework of an environment 
where all might find a place to express themselves if only to sit for a 
while and share a bit of themselves with others.



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