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Re: [OTHER] Social v. Scientific MOOs

On Tue, 21 Nov 1995, Michael Brundage wrote:
[ some deleted ]
> And how, as more and more MOOs are used for technical/professional work, will
> those societies develop?  Who will make the tools?  Will we all sit around
> in blandly described rooms and talk over the MBONE to each other, and not
> even notice the MOO at all?
Excellent topic in my view -- perhaps we should start another list?
I'm an educator and active in DU's MOO, though I haven't done much 
programming yet.  I'd like to use the technology to do a better job 
relating to my students and delivering content, and am perfectly happy 
to depend on others to create/maintain the basic service.  They deserve 
much recognition (and compensation) for their technical skills.  Perhaps 
this discussion fits better under computer supported cooperative work 
(CSCW), and I'd be happy to participate in such a list if anyone'd like 
to start one...
Dick S.

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