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Re: URGENT HELP NEEDED...! ( 7777)

>BatMOO 7777 has lost all of its db files and
>It is still up but will vanish forever at the next machine shutdown...

This is a recurring problem, as far as I can see: from time to time, it
happens to some other MOO, then comes the URGENT HELP NEEDED message, then
some replies along the lines of 'you're fried, too bad' and 'learn to keep
good backups', etc.

My suggestion is that someone create a miniMOO (out of the Minimal.db) that
has the code needed to:
1) connect to the MOO in trouble as a wizard, boot all other logged users
and kill all tasks.
2) scan the MOO's object hierarchy and recreate it locally
3) copy all the MOO's objects as needed, verbs, properties, all of it.
At this stage, the new MOO can be checkpointed, the old MOO can be shut
down, and only forked tasks are lost, but this is usually a minor loss
The new MOO obviously needn't be run on the same machine, if load is a concern.

I guess this is a nice programming project, and I'd like to do it except I
seriously lack the time to do it. Maybe the BatMOO staff would like to do
it while the incentive is up? (If it's still relevant..)

Gustavo Glusman               Founder/administrator of BioMOO
-- BioMOO: telnet 8888

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