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Re: URGENT HELP NEEDED...! ( 7777)

>BatMOO 7777 has lost all of its db files and
>It is still up but will vanish forever at the next machine shutdown...
>  ...I can't remember the *exact* directory name to recreate, therefore
>@dump-database and  check pointing wont help...
>Does anyone know how to browse throught the memory to find the exact name
>of the path that the db was checkpointed to...
If you have a terminal session wher the stdout comes then you should see it
tell you thw full pathname of the files it tries to create...

If not you can try looking at the process list - if you wrote your script
to be highyl portable (eg directory independant) it should use the full
pathname of the moo server and files used - just do a ps aux which will
give you a full list of every current command w/ the username and full
command line typed to execute each command - is this your situation?

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