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Re: Parsing

> Ya, (Im typing this out real quick so this might not work, but it should.
> I'm sure there there are programmers out there who would hand you a much 
> better peice of code than this but it will do.

[code deleted]

> Umm...I beleive this should work.  this is assuming it will only be 
> getting three words....if you need it to do more than three words then 
> that of course will have to be re-written.

If you're using a LambdaCore based db, why not just use

 $string_utils:explode("/pub/foo/bar", "/");

(substitute string needed for "pub/foo/bar")

This returns:

=> {"pub", "foo", "bar"}

See "help $string_utils" for more detailed information
(Similarly, it's a good idea to check the help on $list_utils, $code_utils,
etc) for functions which may already perform the action(s)
you want.

Charles Shepherd


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