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Re: Portable source form of MOO database

> Like in (t)csh, it is feasible to have substitutions into the command
> line at prompt time-- that is, you could do something like that above.
> Using a builtin I once wrote--do_command()--makes it one step easier.
> Although I do not have the in-db code at this time, I could make 
> something that uses my builtin do_command() to process it.  Additionally,
> I have, using do_command(), added the functionability to be able to not
> only have a history list of previous commands, but to also retrieve them
> or make minor changes, as I saw useful in tcsh.  I made it possible to
> execute any command in the history list, append anything to the previous
> command, and to make minor changes to the command, like this:
>    @vreb me:tell tnt rdx
>    I don't understand that.
>    ^vreb^verb
>    > @verb me:tell tnt rdx
>    Verb added (12).
> If anyone is interested in this code, let me know.

Actually, I'd like to see this one meself.

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