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Task Code

I'm still just learning how to program builtin's, but I was wondering how to
get the code of a suspended, forked, or reading task?


Suppose I type:

;while(1) suspend(100); endwhile

this would add that task indefinitely to the queue giving it a unique
number, say 123456.

What I would like is a builtin call, that would be similar to the following:

=> {"while(1)", "suspend(100);", "endwhile"}

Would such a thing even be possible?  Alternatly dissassemble-like code
could be returned.  I would like to get some idea as to what is going on in
tasks that are called from eval or whose verbs have been deleted.

Jason R. Mills
RayoDeSol@MundoHispano           Archwizard of Rupert
SunRay everywhere else.

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