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Re: Suggestion, re: Minimal.db

> = Richard Godard
>At 20:20 11/29/95, Lionel Clark wrote:
>>        The Autoport is a great mechanism.  I think if the
>>stablest forms can be compared and a best one chosen, that winner
>>should be placed in the new Minimal.  Whatever qualifies for
>>'best' is anyone's guess, however I like having it on one object
>>as suggested.

	Sorry.  Should've said Core.db.  I've been hoping and waiting,
even though there's no schedule and the dates are merely coincidental.

	Got one idea in my head, and just can't get it out.  Thank
you, Richard, for catching my mistake.  Don't know what I would've
done without you, for I've not changed my filter-rules file in weeks.

- Lionel R 'Bishop' Clark


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