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Re: Porting MOO objects

There is a verb that I have run across on alot of MOO's that does this 
and I have a copy even on my MOO.  Its called @autoport(on most places).  
You do seomthing like if I wanted to connect to moo a, which that MOOs 
address is moo.a.moo.a 7777.  And I wanted to port object #6.  And my 
character was foo, and the password was bar.  I would do.
(I think this is how it works, it doesnt matter, it comes with help)
@autoport moo.a.moo.a 7777 foo bar #6
It uses open_network_connection, so of course you HAVE to be a wizard on 
the moo that you are porting too, and you have to have a character on the 
moo your porting from, and you of course must have read permissions on 
the MOO your porting from.(You can port whole objects, verbs, and 
properties).  THe problem is getting arutoport to your MOO. its some 700 
lines of code I think, and although there is an install thing(to do it 
from one moo and install it on another MOO), you would A) have to have a 
character on each MOO that is a wizard, and B) I dont know how to use it.
-Hope this helps (David Matovich)

On Tue, 28 Nov 1995, Madhu Rao wrote:

> Hi, I have a question regarding porting MOO objects from one MOO to another.
> Is there a way to go about it (other than manual cut and paste).
> What I was thinking was...someone might already have thought about it, 
> that we take all the code associated with a MOO object and save them somehow 
> (can you do that using the FUP package ?). And recompile on a different MOO.
> Does someone think it's possible, or may be if you have a different 
> approach, please share with me.
> Thanks
> -Madhu Rao (George Mason University, Virginia) 

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