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Re: Porting MOO objects

I like @autoport a lot too.. couple things I found tho..

Although it will make an object for you on the MOO you want to port to, 
it will strip your quota.. heehee.. You may find yourself going from 
200000 to 1972  :)  (Course that was a good year...)   Best thing to do 
is to @create an object with the same parent of course.. and have it 
ready to receive the port..

@autoport <MOOaddy> <your char name on that MOO> <your password on that 
MOO> #<of the object/verb you want to port> object=#<object/verb that will 
receive the port> timeout=<amount of time you think you will need to 
port, such as 300 or 400 or whatever>

Sometimes for some reason, I've found that it will bulk at the port.. 
mebbe 1 out of 5 times. I send the command again and it goes thru.  
Anyone know why?

PS Applause and confetti to the creator of @autoport tho :)

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