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Re: Porting MOO objects

Defender (Bill Garrett <> writes:
>> Not true. Its a bit buggy to get working sometimes and it does have 
>> problems with massive lag but all in all it works.. I've used it alot 
>> porting stuff between the two of the moo's I'm a wizard on.
>Autoport's setup routine was kinna tweaky for awhile, but the version on 
>RiverMOO ( 8888) has been fixed.
>I've been working on a more robust version of a porting system, contained 
>on an object rather than in one verb.
>The version on River also checks to see if your MOO's nameserver 
>processes are down, and warns you accordingly.
>I've used the verb successfully for a long time.

Great agreement here.  I used the new utilities to do a massive
port of several hundred objects and characters with great success.

What the MOO world needs is a correspondance database of MOO objects
between MOOs...


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