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is there a moo-cows archive anywhere?

Is there an archive of moo-cows mailing list postings anywhere?  If
there is, I would sure like to know where!  If not, would anyone
besides me like to see on set up?  I would be willing to do it on my
machine, as I already have one archive running here already.  I am
using MHonarc, a mail to HTML converter.  The archive is browsable via
www.  I do not have whole text search up yet, but I want to set it up.

I would really prefer to defer reading many of the postings here until
I have a specific need.  Then I can follow a thread from start to
finish all at once.  This usually gives me my answer with of my own
time expended.  If I know I can refer to an archive, I can safely
delete messages I have only glanced at, even if I think I might need
them later.

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