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Re: Introduction

On Mon, 13 Nov 1995, John Leone wrote:

> Hi Everyone, 

Hi John.  Welcome to the list :^)
> What I'm wondering is what's this list for.  Are only system problems 
> mentioned or can I talk about moo programming hassles.

We generally discuss both.  The moo programming hassles tend to be related
to wizard type questions, but occasionally we digress.

The only real requirement for the list, is that the subject concerns a moo
in some or other way.

> Like today I'm 
> trying to figure out how the robots get their tell verb activated, when 
> they aren't in the set players.

Typically, on a LambdaCore system, this sequence occurs,

player:say -> room:announce -> object:tell -> object:notify

and that will be true for all objects in the players location, regardless of
whether they are players or not.  In other words, every single object on the
moo should have a :tell verb.



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