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EduMOOs: New one.

Oh, mighty list,

Alter Ego goes online at 7500

Tech: AlterEgo is a Lambda 1.8.0p5 running on an IRIX system at the
federal institute of technology, chair for architecture and CAAD, in
switzerland, europe.

Topic: The Alter Ego course is a program for freshmen in Architecture
here in Zuerich. Target is to teach computer basics in the field of
architecture. Therefor a MOO has been set up to get them in touch with
virtual spaces, more and more important in todays field of architecture.
MOO background:
(AlterEgo interface:

Feel free to look around. We're still in the state of development and also
look for experienced builders with an interesting background. Also any
kind of comments are welcome.

Anybody who wants to know more, get in touch replying to this.


The trick is to communicate bi-directionally in real time and high resolution!

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