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Re: Connection time-outs

At 08:17 AM 11/19/96 PST, Richard Connamacher wrote:
>I'd like to see a way to specify a different connection time-out for each
>listening object.  For the standard login, 5 minutes is fine.  However, I'm
>toying with persistant non-logged in connections, and the 5 minute limit is
>making it difficult.  Until there is a way to specify a different timeout
>per connection, I guess I'll just have to shut it off completely and code
>the timeout on port 8888 in-db.  (sigh.)

this is already implemented I think... if you have a connection object,
then you can set object.server_options.connect_timeout to what you need
(you can even set object.server_options to itself if you want to be frugal)

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