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Re: Where'd MOO come from?

Right, Stephen White (ghond) wrote the original MOO server.

The two main branches of MUDs today, the TInyMUD family (mostly social
MUDs) and the LPMUD servers (mostly combat/adventure games).  Jim Aspnes
wrote TinyMUD, which allowed players to build and emote and describe
themselves freely without strict game control.  Stephen White wrote
TinyMUCK, which was programmable in FORTH, and then the MOO which is
object oriented and, well you know...

I wouldn't say that MOO was "an alternative to MUDs".  The MOO server is
one of dozens of modern MUD systems.  Jim Apsnes does deserve a lot of
credit for setting up an alternative to Combat MUDs though!  The social
MUD has been a very successful idea, and giving the users the ability to
script objects (in MUCK, MUSH, MUSE, MOO, and other TinyMUD descendants)
has advanced that idea further.

 -- Don

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