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Re: Where'd MOO come from?

On Sun, 3 Nov 1996, Tosh wrote:

> I was recently corresponding with a someone, and somehow we got started 
> on the topic of MOO's.  The conversation evolved into this:
> > > I was under the impression that the MOO server was built by Pavel Curtis
> >
> > yeah, that's what everyone thinks.  kind of a pet peeve of mine.  in 2nd year
> > i designed the language (before i learned C++, which explains some of the
> > weird syntax.. kind of a mishmash of C, Ada and SmallTalk), coded up the beta
> > version, and put it out on the net.  pavel grabbed it and extended it.  
> > if you look at the source, though, you'll see my name.
> > 
> Now if this guy was just some yahoo then I wouldn't give it a second 
> thought, but he's the kind of guy who just might have done something like 
> this.
> Anyone care to shed any illumination on this?
> Tosh
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Not being the first not replace the fact that's Pavel, who maintains the 
server for this last 6 years, and all members of the MOO community, who
code, maintain, teach and enjoy the MOO language and principle, who makes 
the moo what is it now. Sometime the inventor just got the idea, but needs
someone to realize them and make it works well (or worst, look at Windows95

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