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Springside, the *new* Vassar MOO

Hi all,

This is a lot of the material I just sent to *jhcore, but I thought you
deserve it as much as that list does.  The new Vassar MOO, if any of you
ever saw that abomination, went up in little more than a week and actually
has some potential.  The address, for those interested, is
telnet:// Guest connection is allowed and @register
as well.  If you come on, drop me, kenbo, a line.  I'd be delighted to
show you around, make you a programmer, whatever you like. 

Tech:  We're running the latest LambdaMOO server with the most recent 
JHCore database.  Can I brown-nose you all and say here that I love the 
db?  Maybe love is too strong a word.  Anyway, I conned my way onto an 
unused Sparc20 (*gasp* did he say unused?  Yes, I most certainly did. It 
came with a grant that no one was capable of starting.  It basically 
hosts a few web pages.)  We may lose this prime piece of real estate, 
with 18gig, and some equally frightening amount of RAM, to College 
Relations, which will use it to direct http requests to a Sparc2.  Don't 
ask, and defintiely don't go to Vassar for anything computer related, 
unless you want a good liberal arts education to boot.  But *do* come to 
Springside.  It will be fun, i promise.

Oh, and one final thing- Springside is MacMOOSE compatible.  I've 
worshipped Amy since my senior year of high school, and again she and her 
MOOSE team have justified it.  Peace out.



	"I have been reading all day, confined to my room, and feel
	tired.  I raise the screen and face the broad daylight.  I
	move the chair on the veranda and look at the blue mountains.
	I draw a long breath, fill my lungs with fresh air and feel 
	entirely refreshed.  I make tea and drink a cup or two of it.
	Who would say that I am not living in the light of eternity."

						- D.T. Suzuki

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