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Still Problems upgrading core... I assume

Sorry to trouble the list with yet more newie stuff.
I am afraid I find the documentation very difficult to translate...
Last week I announced a problem I was havingwith @create.
It was suggested that I look at for how to upgrade
my core.
This I have done - although I don't understand Pages 13 or 20.  All the
rest seemed to go well.
When I first upgraded all seemed to be well until.... 

Six mirrors circle slowly around you.  Try to 'approach Mirror1' to begin. 
>From here you can go 'south' to The Banquet Hall or 'in' to the mirror
towards The Room of Curious Delights.
#54:map_verb, line 9:  Verb not found
... called from #20:title_list*c list_title*c, line 4
... called from #3:tell_contents (this == #104), line 29
... called from #3:look_self (this == #104), line 5
... called from #3:enterfunc (this == #104), line 4
... called from built-in function move()
... called from #56:moveto (this == #98), line 2
... called from #7:move (this == #105), line 17
... called from #7:invoke (this == #105), line 1
... called from #3:e east w west s south n north ne northeast nw northwest
se southeast sw southwest u up d down (this == #101), line 3
(End of traceback)

The traceback is occuring where it once said 'Mirror1 is here.' or
something.  I since recycled this object and it is possible that it is from
this moment that the traceback appeared on the scene....

Please please can anyone help me?


Phil Morle -
Managing Editor - LIMEN

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