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I have done some heavy Pueblo enhancements, and though I haven't cleaned
them up into a specific download anywhere, anyone who is interested can
come by and look...  I'll give you a quick rundown of the additions:

1.  Pueblo Options window, which has a set of option buttons that allow
you to turn some settigns on and off, @quit easily, etc..

2. Pueblo tool bar, which has a quick set of buttons for email, @who,
look, etc..

3. Sound and pic for every room. Each room has a picture message and a
sound message that can be set.  You set these like any other message,
and the root to the pic files is a separate prop on the main Pueblo
Enhancement object.

4. Quick and easy set of verbs for doing things like: 
player:tell($pu:enhance(msg,"bold large color=red")), or

5. Form tool for editing mail, verbs and text in a form based pueblo

6. Separate windows for help and mail, so that mail can be read without
having to scroll up alot :)

7. picture_msg on player:

8. Auto command list on objects: This means that when you look at an
object with pueblo, if it has auto commands, they appear at the bottom
of the description. For instance, a seat in my moo has the auto command
sit down underneath it, and standup.

9. Default command in inventory.  Inventory can appear in a separate
window if players choose, and when their own inventory comes up, each
item is clickable, with this command being issued. Usually the command
is look object

10. The usual Exits and items in the room description are clickable.

11. Form based Object editor. This one is functional, but could use some
work. It gives you a field on a form for every changeable prop on an
object (changeable by you). It breaks on larger objects however. (like
player and room)

There are more features, but this is what I remember for now... If
someone wants the code, or would like to take it and make a public
download out of it, you are more then welcome.  Send me some E-mail...


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