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Re: [PUEBLO] Re:Pueblo

>>>>> "Maddog's" == Maddog's Studio <> writes:

    Maddog's> Rather than talk about these topics here, doesn't
    Maddog's> someone already have a mail list that is more
    Maddog's> appropriate so that we can do the following: 1. Outline
    Maddog's> the approaches to MultimediaMOO including Pueblo, Live
    Maddog's> Java, VRML 2.0, etc 2. Probably not include proprietary
    Maddog's> servers such as: Sony CP, The Palace, and a few others
    Maddog's> except as examples/idea sources
    Maddog's> 	3. help each other out on how to build and promote
    Maddog's> these Multimedia muds (MOO/Cold)
    Maddog's> Anyone?
    Maddog's> Frank
    Maddog's> --
    Maddog's> ________________________________________________________________________
    Maddog's> maddog's studio Frank Crowell

As long as the list does not get too active (I have limited bandwidth)
I could host such a discussion on a majordomo listserver I have on my
machine.  Is there a volumteer owner/moderator out there?  I am not
technically qualified to moderate this subject, although I am very
interested in it.  I am currently involved in MPEG-2 format audio and
video, so this could become a very important topic in the future for

I also archive several mailing lists here (currently with MHonarc, but
that is likely to change to Pipermail in the near future), so it would
be easy to archive this list as well.

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