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Kipp the Kidd wrote:
> If anyone is *really* interested, (I mean REALLY), I'll create you an
> account... but I expect some ideas from every account I create.
> - Kipp
> --

Is that a user/player account or programmer account?

Anyway, it looks like there is some interest in exploring Pueblo
in the MOO/Cold groups and so some way of sharing information would
be useful. 

For those that want to read more about Chaco/Pueblo/Tribe here's the URL:
You can download 2.x Pueblo for Windows 95/Windows NT and then you can
go explore some of the Pueblo-enhanced muds, including Paradigm.

My major concern is that already we have several approaches to Web/Multimedia
muds.  Each one has its own protocol and requires its own client, except
for the HTML versions of course.

Rather than talk about these topics here, doesn't someone already
have a mail list that is more appropriate so that we can do 
the following:
	1. Outline the approaches to MultimediaMOO including
		Pueblo, Live Java, VRML 2.0, etc
	2. Probably not include proprietary servers such as:
		Sony CP, The Palace, and a few others
		except as examples/idea sources
	3. help each other out on how to build and promote these
	       Multimedia muds (MOO/Cold)



maddog's studio
Frank Crowell

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