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Re: Pueblo and Java.

>> > In any event those are my thoughts in this very preliminary stage.  The
>> > method is a security breach though, if someone knew the code, they could
>> > just send the player the url of nude babes on ice or something(chuckle)
>> >

I think there are really two types of objections that are being discussed
here.  One is where people place inappropriate audio or graphic material on
objects that are pueblo-ized.  The other is when unscrupulous players send
audio and graphic URLs to a pueblo client independent of the execution of
any URL-requesting verb by the player owning the client's session.

The first is a content issue.  It should be dealth with based on each MOO's
content policy.  The second, though, seems of a different kind.  Perhaps a
solution like MCP's authentication method could be used to ensure that any
URLs sent to a URL-smart client came from the server and not from a
spoofing player?  In this way, only URLs attached to objects or verbs could
be sent to clients.  As  a result:

1. ownership (and corresponding responsibility) would be easy to determine

2. Users would be able to avoid the offending material by avoiding the
verbs that resulted in their presentation.


Mind the gap.
R. Michael Young

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