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Re: Pueblo and Java.

Hmmm, this is an issue we've been discussing at one MOO, reffering to it 
as Media Spam.

Pueblo provides the ability for any user to send sounds or images to any 
other user who is connected via Pueblo (if the player has the permissions 
to create Verbs and properties).

Much like on a text based MOO, where you can spam people with offensive 
text, now people have the ability to do the same with images and sounds.

I myself have never experienced anything offensive via Pueblo, but the 
concern exists that some asshole will use it for this purpose. One 
obvious solution to this issue is to not allow users access to the rights 
they need to program verbs and properties, and limit them to build 
objects with existing properties already created by the wiz staff... but 
that kinda defeats the point of MOO doesn't it?

Incidentaly, the same is possible at the Palace, I can send graphics and 
sounds to anyone in the same room as me. Interestingly enough, the 
majority of people on these multi-user servers seem to have scruples. But 
who knows what the future holds.

Argle |:D

On Fri, 8 Nov 1996, jer wrote:

> Im just a little confused as to your security breach dilema.  Are you 
> saying that the URL would be specified by the user (that makes perfect 
> sense to me, seems the only plausible way to do it) or be pages on some 
> standard machine that houses moo html objects? Either way the user has to 
> have SOME way of puting whatever he/she/er wants ON the page.  As long as 
> you're allowing the user to put whatever they want on the page, you're 
> going to have this problem, whether you encode the URL or not.  The only 
> way to really get around the problem is to implement a web page policy 
> stating something like this:
> 1) NO links to nude Babes on Ice
> 2) if you DO have a link to nude babes on ice, make sure theres a vivid 
> textual description fo those in the blind community.
> slartibartfast
> On Fri, 8 Nov 1996, John Leone wrote:
> > Hi guys,
> > 
> > I'm a little backlogged on mail, so didn't jump in when everyone was 
> > talkign.  After reading some of the conversation on Pueblo I downloaded 
> > it.  It crashed as soon as I booted and couldn't make it work, running 
> > Win'95.  So, I can't really follow the thread.
> > 
> > In any event, I've seen on other moo's a telnet client built into the web 
> > page.  Figured this was done with java, so bought a book on java.  I've 
> > looked at the telnet code for it, and that can be hacked into a moo 
> > client pretty easily.(grin, 3 months later, it looked easy.)  What I'd 
> > like to do is a double window web page.  with the top half showing the 
> > url of a graphic, and the bottome window being a moo client.  I think it 
> > can be done without much moo hacking, just a property, called, I don't 
> > know, web on player, and a mod of look self that it sends an encoded url 
> > to the java program.
> > 
> > In any event those are my thoughts in this very preliminary stage.  The 
> > method is a security breach though, if someone knew the code, they could 
> > just send the player the url of nude babes on ice or something(chuckle)
> > 
> > In any event, I would like to join this other list if it is formed, 
> > because I want to keep up with the Jones.  But, I want somethign 
> > flexible, because we have a large blind community, so I want them to get 
> > text descriptions of any graphic.
> > 
> > Happy Surfing,
> >                John Leone  john@GrassRootsMOO 8888
> > 

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