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Regulating Multimedia [Was Re: Pueblo and Java.]

On Fri, 8 Nov 1996, jer wrote:
> The only thing that can really be done about it is, like you said, 
> regulate who (or what ;) has the permissions to send multimedia stuff.  

This is not true.  There is another way, namely filtering.  A responsible
client will provide options to refuse or accept content from other users.
Ideally, this includes some server-side support, since otherwise tons of 
info would be sent to the client (like getting an email spam; mail 
servers should allow you to turn off the spigot at the server, instead of
filling up your inbox and having to rely on your mail reader to filter).

This becomes especially important when you take multimedia to the next 
level, which is directing applications remotely.  Once I have the ability 
to "fax" you a document through your MOO client by printing it out on 
your printer, you want to be able to say "Who is this person? Do I really 
want to let them print something out on my printer?"

Although I don't pretend this is an easy thing to do, or that the 
problem of regulating content (in any media) will ever be fully, perfectly 
solved, MOO at least provides the flexibility to add those controls,
as opposed to other systems.

> But as you also said that defeats the whole purpose of MOO.

MOO, like duct tape, has a lot more uses than originally intended.


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