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Re: [SERVER] LambdaMOO 1.8.x feature wishlist

welp, i know im going to get flamed for this, but the only problem i can 
see is that you're using NT.  If its at all possible to run the moo on a 
nix box, i would.  NT (or MT as my colleagues and i refer to it...say it 
aloud, MT==empty) is not a very good first effort by microsft, maybe by 
5.0 it'll be decent, but until then unix is the only way to go.  just out 
of curiosity, how many people are actually using NT for anything other 
than small network servers?  The ISP i work for seems pretty convinced 
that NT is the way to go, but i've had nothing but problems with it, 
hence the reason for this site, its the only unix machine in the whole 
place, and its the only one that hasnt crashed for no apparant reason, 
hasnt frozen up, hasnt lost any data, hasnt needed constant baby sitting, 
and generally does what you tell it to.

My opinions are my own, yet they are shared by  COUNTLESS unix lovers i know.

On Mon, 11 Nov 1996, Keith Weston wrote:

> I am the co-administrator of a MOO running  version 0.1.0beta4 of the 
> WinMOO server code.  All seems to be well except for automatic 
> checkpoints, which aren't occuring.  The #0.dump_interval is set (to 
> 2400).  Manually issued, @dump-d's, seem to work without fault.  
> However, the automatic dumps are not happening.  I am stumped and 
> would appreciate any help for anyone with experience with checkpoints 
> not occuring.  We have the #0:checkpoint_started modified to alert 
> connected wizards of the statis.  This hasn't been called in some 
> time.  The MOO originally ran on a UNIX box and was recently 
> re-located to a NT machine upon which WinMOO has successfully been 
> mounted.
> Best regards,
> Keith (aka Lumper)
> Keith Weston
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> -Gustave Flaubert , letter (1846)


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