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Re: [SERVER] LambdaMOO 1.8.x feature wishlist

I am the co-administrator of a MOO running  version 0.1.0beta4 of the 
WinMOO server code.  All seems to be well except for automatic 
checkpoints, which aren't occuring.  The #0.dump_interval is set (to 
2400).  Manually issued, @dump-d's, seem to work without fault.  
However, the automatic dumps are not happening.  I am stumped and 
would appreciate any help for anyone with experience with checkpoints 
not occuring.  We have the #0:checkpoint_started modified to alert 
connected wizards of the statis.  This hasn't been called in some 
time.  The MOO originally ran on a UNIX box and was recently 
re-located to a NT machine upon which WinMOO has successfully been 

Best regards,

Keith (aka Lumper)

Keith Weston
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