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Re: [SERVER] LambdaMOO 1.8.x feature wishlist

On Mon, 11 Nov 1996, Keith Weston wrote:

> I am the co-administrator of a MOO running  version 0.1.0beta4 of the 
> WinMOO server code.  All seems to be well except for automatic 
> checkpoints, which aren't occuring.  The #0.dump_interval is set (to 
> 2400).  Manually issued, @dump-d's, seem to work without fault.  
> However, the automatic dumps are not happening.  I am stumped and 
> would appreciate any help for anyone with experience with checkpoints 
> not occuring.  We have the #0:checkpoint_started modified to alert 
> connected wizards of the statis.  This hasn't been called in some 
> time.  The MOO originally ran on a UNIX box and was recently 
> re-located to a NT machine upon which WinMOO has successfully been 
> mounted.

There is a bug in beta4 that causes the checkpoint timer to never go off.
This is fixed in beta5, which is due out... yesterday, but will probably
be out tomorrow or Thursday once I get this exam out of the way
(classes... they get in the way of everything.)

The recommended interim solution is of course:

;;while (1) dump_database(); suspend($dump_interval); endwhile

which is hardly pretty, but will work as long as nobody kills the task.

Did anyone experience this under beta3?

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