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How to port the server to a new machine in a controlled fashion.

    As an exercise, I'm attempting to port the server to a new
machine, namely, the much-vaunted Be Box hat is currently sitting
on my desk.  Now, it looks to be achievable, but I'd have to
make some changes to some of the networking files... name_lookup.c
net_proto.c, etc.

    The question is, how to do this in a controllable way, so that
it can be included with the standard source release?  I don't want
to just hack and make a new version of the source that will have to
be separately maintained!

    However, the standard method doesn't seem to give me a way
to have changed source files... it mostly appears to be done using

    What's the "government approved" method?  And, once it's done,
to whom should I submit the new code?


Tom Ritchford              

    Verge's "Little Idiot" -- Music for the mentally peculiar.

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