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RE: How to port the server to a new machine in a controlled fashion.

The best thing you can do is send the diffs to Erik, the current maintainer 
of MOO.  He can merge the changes into the RCS tree and bracket them with 
I believe it's diff that generates #ifdefs, though patch might be able to do 

From: moo-cows-errors
To: moo-cows
Subject: How to port the server to a new machine in a controlled fashion.
Date: Friday, November 15, 1996 9:10AM

    As an exercise, I'm attempting to port the server to a new
machine, namely, the much-vaunted Be Box hat is currently sitting
on my desk.  Now, it looks to be achievable, but I'd have to
make some changes to some of the networking files... name_lookup.c
net_proto.c, etc.

    The question is, how to do this in a controllable way, so that
it can be included with the standard source release?  I don't want
to just hack and make a new version of the source that will have to
be separately maintained!

    However, the standard method doesn't seem to give me a way
to have changed source files... it mostly appears to be done using

    What's the "government approved" method?  And, once it's done,
to whom should I submit the new code?


Tom Ritchford              

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