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Re: well here's the spawn of my algorithm.

> > < URL >.


Hasn't anybody heard of using existing standards?

> > 2) An Override on/ off pair < OVR > < /OVR >. This can, of course, be
> > broken by the malicious user, who could:

First of all, WHY do people have to keep inventing new tags which are 
completely unnecessary and aren't part of any spec for their own purposes 
when existing tags work perfectly well?

Why not just use <html> and </html> to designate which portions of output 
are HTML and which aren't?  This works quite effectively, and actually 
fits with existing standards.

(This is, in fact, exactly what my (currently in development) Cup-O MUD II
client does. (actually, the main reason it's still in development is
because Netscape 3.0 isn't stable enough to run it adequately yet.. the
client itself works fine)

> > So, I considered adopting (but haven't yet implemented) a key system,
> > so the markup becomes 
> >  < OVR key=XXXXX >  some text < / OVR key=XXXX > .

Second, hasn't anyone ever heard of HTML entities and escaping??  
malicious use of <HTML> blocks could very easily be avoided by putting a 
check in $player:tell which does a 
strsub("<HTML>","<HTML>&lt;HTML&gt;</HTML>") or something equivalent.

More importantly, some form of escaping _must_ be done or there's simply 
no way to pass through the control sequences to the user's screen, which 
people may want to do anyway (in example texts, for instance).  Not 
providing a mechanism for this is just asking for frustration or worse 
down the line.

> The capabilites goal for the alpa version is to have the text in the
> bottom fram, and a url of a gif in the top frame,  When I get into beta
> I'll experiment with adding sound, and maybe java animations.  I'm
> hesitant about working with the animations and sound, because the lag
> factor will be quite noticeable.

Sounds like you're pretty much duplicating work which has already been 
done and is freely available (no sense reinventing the wheel).

It sounds a lot like it's time to announce something I had intended to 
announce some time ago but had rather forgotten to..

Please see my next message to this list for more information.

      Alex Stewart - - Richelieu @ Diversity University MOO
            "Difficult answers lead to intelligent questions."

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