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Where MOO goes...

There are those among us who learned imeasurebly from the code, the
mistakes, and the living lessons of the first MOO ... to be sure, we all
made mistakes, but how else can you learn?  The bare truth is that,
whatever misgivings we had, it was a stellar learning experience,
political, social, programming, or otherwise ... I think it is now time to
get beyond the mere LambdaMOO experience, and work towards whatever net
utopia (or commercial space) or rejuvenation of the web we think is most
appropriate ...

We must never forget, though, that we learned our most basic lessons at
LambdaMOO, be they good or bad, we learned there.  You may have political
exceptions (as I most certainly do) or social exceptions (as I know many
do) but the bare fact is, that it was once a great learning space.

Let us hope and work for the space where people continue to learn and
grow, continue to be challenged, and most of all, continue to make new
ways of being.  Whatever our leaning, the discovery and exploration of new
ways is our greatest asset, and our most important challenge, as the 21st
century looms.

Long live the lessons we've learned...

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