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Re: Large MOOs

At 04:20 PM 11/18/96 PST, Will Orton wrote:
>What kind of machine are these running on (memory, processor, etc)?
>How long might checkpoints take?
>Thanks for any info or pointers...
well I know lagda, er, "good ol' LambdaMOO!" has about 110,000 objects, is
overloaded even for their sparc 2000, takes about an hour to checkpoint,
and has like 30-60 seconds or more of lag... 
I guess the real question is, why would you need so many objects? Do you
intend to create an object for each connection? You could probably recycle
some, and thus only have a little amount of objects...
Also remember that MOO keeps everything in ram, which isn't very good for
archiving things since ram can get erased easier than a disk, and costs
more. You could try moo with FUP but that tends to crash a lot unless you
check what you're doing.

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