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RE: A few things

1) Is there a resource somewhere for setting up virtual exits?  Or will I
have to give it a go myself?

virtual exits require a special kind of room.  I'm not terribly fond of them 
myself -- they confer minimal savings at the cost of a lot of flexibility. 
 Anyway, you can find a room class on RiverMOO that has them.

2) Is there a resource for adding WWW support to the LambdaMoo core
anywhere?  I've spent some time looking on the Web but haven't been able
to find anything.

There are several.  Take a gander at

for E_WEB, the web server used by E_MOO and others.  It's geared toward 
browsing rather than realtime interactivity.  You won't find server-push and 
Java clients here, but you will find hypertext-rich verb code browsing 
(every verb call is linked to the listing for that verb, and every function 
is linked to the help file for it).  It also comes with a rich suite of 
utilities for programmers to create and parse forms, and a compatibility 
module for cgi if that's your thing.

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