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Re: A few things

At 12:24 AM 11/19/96 PST, Jordan I. K. McClure wrote:
>I just recently started a Moo (LambdaMoo v1.8 and the DB that comes 
>with it) and I have a list of questions/problems 
>which I've encountered so I thought I'd give them a go here:
>1) Is there a resource somewhere for setting up virtual exits?  Or will I 
>have to give it a go myself?
>2) Is there a resource for adding WWW support to the LambdaMoo core 
>anywhere?  I've spent some time looking on the Web but haven't been able 
>to find anything.
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        Go to the Xerox ftp site and get the code for the generic multiroom,
it allows you to create virtual exits and rooms.  The site is anymous login.

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