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Re: Jay House Core

Ken Fox wrote:
> > I can't seem to @checkpoint the DB!
> Er, what is the symptom here?  There is no @checkpoint command, but there is a
> @dump-database command.

	Ok. Yes there is, and it works fine. Apparently that's not a problem now. My mistake, sorry.

> > I can't seem to make Wizard characters!
> Again, what is the symptom?  What command did you try?
> There is no command to make a wizard (it not being something you do very
> often).
> To make one, @chparent the victim to $wiz and do ;victim.wizard = 1.  It's a
> bad idea to make an existing programmer a wizard if that programmer has done
> anything at all.

	I know the evils of Wizzing a pre-existing programmer :) I was trying to create new characters for this. 
What confused me is that under LambdaCore I use '@set #NNN.wizard to 1'. Under JHC you get the message 'please 
use :set_wizard(); for this'. However there doesn't seem to BE a :set_wizard verb anywhere. Not on the utils, 
core objects that I looked at, or on $wiz. Eventually I DID follow the procedure above, and I think everything is 
working fine.

	Anyone have any ideas on the 3rd point? Why #2 can't seem to get permission to alter the membership 
roster of committee objects?

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