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Re: @net-who

> Change the last line of $string_utils:connection_hostname_bsd to:
>  return strsub($string_utils:explode(s)[4], ",", "") || "";

Right! This is the thing to do. Not changing the string values!

That line is originally:
return strsub($string_utils:explode(s)[3], ",", "") || "";

Your verb will look like this:
#20:connection_hostname_bsd   this none this
 1:  "Takes the output from connection_name() and returns just the host string portion of
it.  Assumes you are using bsd_network style connection names.";
 2:  s = args[1];
 3:  "Original value was ...explode(s)[3],.... in the next line";
 4:  return strsub($string_utils:explode(s)[4], ",", "") || "";

The trick is to communicate bi-directionally in real time and high resolution!


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