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Re: Servers

        I did try to use LambdaCore-latest.db with MSDOSMOO beforem but
they don't worked together. The error was:

        *** PARSER: Line 3: Unknown built-in function: toliteral

MSDOSMOO is ancient, relatively speaking.  It's version 1.7.8 or lower, 
whereas the current version is 1.8.0p5.  The latest LambdaCore is made for 
the latest version of the server.  Unless you can get your hands on an old 
core, you're really out of luck.

I really HATE to be one of the people that recommends a new OS as the 
solution, but: If you want to run a real MOO, you're gonna need UNIX. 
 Win95/NT will run WinMOO, but you can't extend it.   You can get Linux or 
FreeBSD for your DOS machine, and MOO will do just fine under either.  Both 
will allow you to keep your old OS on another partition.

And yes, I'm aware of MacMOO, to all zealots of the world.


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