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Re: Servers


On Wed, 27 Nov 1996, Adams, Charles wrote:

> MSDOSMOO is ancient, relatively speaking.  It's version 1.7.8 or lower, 
> whereas the current version is 1.8.0p5.  The latest LambdaCore is made for 
> the latest version of the server.  Unless you can get your hands on an old 
> core, you're really out of luck.

	Yes, I understand that.

> I really HATE to be one of the people that recommends a new OS as the 
> solution, but: If you want to run a real MOO, you're gonna need UNIX. 
>  Win95/NT will run WinMOO, but you can't extend it.   You can get Linux or 
> FreeBSD for your DOS machine, and MOO will do just fine under either.  Both 
> will allow you to keep your old OS on another partition.

	Well, I have a REAL MOO running in a Linux system, the address is: 7777
	The version is 1.8.0 using LambdaCore-latest.db, I did correct
all bugs, this is very fine, working very well. 

	But I want to test the MSDOSMOO in my home, running Win 3.11 and
DOS. Understood? ;)

	So, thanks for all.

					Denis Altieri


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