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Re: is there a moo-cows archive anywhere?

At 12:28 PM 30/11/95 PST, Robert J. Brown wrote:
>Is there a browsable archive anywhere, as for instance using MHonarc
>of soemthing similar that uses HTML?

We keep a very basic archive of the most recent traffic.  You can
find it at:

It is very rudimentary, and is currently set to expire traffic
older than 300 days and to keep total volume to < 1Mb.   Currently
it has traffic going back to early October.

I'd like to see a better setup which is searchable and also groups
threads, formats messages more readably, spots URL's and makes
them into links etc.  Ahhh where did all the time go? :-)

Guy Carpenter - Clearwater Technical Services
Tel: (070) 953309                  Fax: (070) 953007


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