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Re: LPMOO and binary db sillyness

>>>>> "Matt" == Matt Pauker <> writes:

    Matt> At 6:41 PM 12/1/95, Marc wrote:
    >> You know, I had a couple laughs at the reasons why binary db's
    >> are bigger, had a few REAL LARGE ones in fact...
    >> Eventually, I assumed somebody would give the -real- reason,
    >> but I guess everybody who's clueful enough to know thought the
    >> same thing, so I drew the lucky straw....

    Matt> I find this particularly insulting, as probably do the
    Matt> others who gave 'incorrect' answers.  As I stated in my
    Matt> attempted explanation, I know little about this subject and
    Matt> that my explanation was probably wrong.  However, insulting
    Matt> others for having wrong answers is extremely inappropriate.

Give the man a break!  This is a hacker's list, and many of us on it
really *ARE* hackers.  The above remark was standard hacker jargon,
and not really intended to be interpreted as an insult at all.  If you
are going to participate in a hacker's list, you gotta develop tough
hide.  This is no worse than a code walk-thru or design review in
industry!  This attitude is part of the image of being a really good
programmer.  :-)

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