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Re: Portable source form of MOO database

Shouting to be heard above the roaring chainsaw of dismemberment on Thu,
30 Nov 1995 07:14:20 -0500 (EST), Kipp the Kidd bellowed:

  Kipp> There is, though, a verb that is called every time the server
  Kipp> wants to match an object; <player>:my_match_object(<objname>);
  Kipp> The verb normally calls :match and then
  Kipp> $string_utils:match_object.

I managed to get the job done with match.  Still not sure where
my_match_object fits in.

In the example that follows, sdig works like the case in @dig that digs
to an existing room, except it uses the room's Name string rather than
it's object number.  Experienced MOOers will notice that I have only cut
and pasted most of this out of the source of the regular @dig.

The line


is where the place name string gets converted into an object.


@create $feature named building
@verb building:sdig
@args building:sdig any any any
@chmod building:sdig rxd
@program building:sdig
nargs = length(args);
if (( nargs != 3 )||( args[2] != "to" ))
  player:notify(tostr("Usage: ", verb, " <exit-description> to <old-room-name>"));
exit_spec = args[1];
to_str = args[3];
if (!valid(to_o) || !($room in $object_utils:ancestors(to_o)))
  player:notify(tostr(to_o, " doesn't look like a room to me..."));
exit_kind = player:build_option("dig_exit");
if (exit_kind == 0)
  exit_kind = $exit;
exits = $string_utils:explode(exit_spec, "|");
if (length(exits) < 1 || length(exits) > 2)
  player:notify("The exit-description must have the form");
  player:notify("     [name:]alias,...,alias");
  player:notify("or   [name:]alias,...,alias|[name:]alias,...,alias");
do_recreate = !player:build_option("bi_create");
to_ok = $building_utils:make_exit(exits[1], player.location, to_o, exit_kind);
if (to_ok && length(exits) == 2)
  $building_utils:make_exit(exits[2], to_o, player.location, exit_kind);

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