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Re: Case (in)sensitivity

On Mon, 4 Dec 1995, Melanie wrote:

> We've run across a situation where we may need to make our MOO deal
> with case sensitivity, at least as far as player-names go. Basically,
> I'm looking for input--has anyone done this, tried to do this,
> anything? I don't recall ever seeing it done, but how big a problem
> would it be to do it? I'm pretty darn sure it's not a good idea, from a
> moo-code standpoint, I'm just wondering how far into the bad scale it
> gets, and what as-yet-unthought of horrors it's going to cause. :)
> Melanie.
> (
  I'm not sure if there is a way to do a case sensitive thing, but for 
some reason I think there is/was/might be something along that line in 
the $string_utils. I know passwords can be case sensitive, but thats 
because of the crypt() function which is not written in MOO code. It 
sounds like a bad idea though, having case sensitivity on a MOO, 
Especially with the player names. Things could get quite confusing with 2 
different players using the same name when the only difference is a 
capital letter somewhere. Anyways, maybe someone else can shed a bit more 
light on this subject.

Mike duHeaume


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