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Re: Case (in)sensitivity

> with case sensitivity, at least as far as player-names go. Basically,
> I'm looking for input--has anyone done this, tried to do this,

Instead of using a line like:
  if( == "Sinjin" )

you'd use a line like:
  if( !strcmp(, "Sinjin" ))

If you are using the 1.7.9p2 server version, replace lines like:
  if( "Sinjin" in (player_name_list))

  if( is_member( "Sinjin", player_name_list ))

If you are not using 1.7.9p2 or better, upgrade. ;)  The 1.7.8p4 version 
of the above line is:
  if( (i = "Sinjin" in (player_name_list)) && !strcmp( "Sinjin", 
    player_name_list[i] ))

Specific verb rewrites available by request.


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