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Re: Suggestion, re: Minimal.db

>	I'm remembering all the discussion about the Minimal Db,
>its uses and shortcomings.  I'd like to join the crowd and offer
>my belated suggestions.
>	I hear the spelling object is buggy or perhaps is not
>used any more.  Has anyone hooked up a use-counter to it to see
>if this is the case?  If it is buggy/unused, can it's apparently
>vast space be used for anything else?
As far as I know noboddy uses $spell simply because it is too big.
There could be something else I'm not aware of.
>	I use the Book object a lot.  I picked it up at Ranalou's
>place and the book object I had there for the longest time was
>the BEST - small, simple and very usable.  Noteditor works
>perfectly with it, and all my jottings are collected.  This
>objectis not in the Minimal - am I the only person who really
>likes this object?
The reason it's not in the minimal is because it's not
maybe useful.. but so is a social verb core.
>	The Autoport is a great mechanism.  I think if the
>stablest forms can be compared and a best one chosen, that winner
>should be placed in the new Minimal.  Whatever qualifies for
>'best' is anyone's guess, however I like having it on one object
>as suggested.
It's possible that this was and will not be included because it
requires a character ElseMOO and might incourage less experienced
wizards to steal code.
>	A variation on this theme, perhaps - an AutoPorter that
>would interface with an FTP site to update or requests updates of
>various objects.  That way, when perhaps a new version of say
>notedit is released, those interested can update their system
>easily and with great confidence.
This is a good idea! It would allow for people to make objects publicly
portable if they wish to and only if they wish to.

>	This may necessitate a standard for Moos - like #0, some
>place where autoport can find pointers to 'known' objects -
>perhaps Everyman has changed, or something like that.  That way
>Autoport can correct code that is made Autoportable via keywords
>in comments, etc, and make sure that the code will use the same
>objects on the destination system.
Once again a great idea. This could create a hug new standard. This
would be a step closer to making MOOs somewhat interdependent on each
other.. which in a way is a good thing.
--Rand && Mat @ Most MOOs/MatC @ Lambda

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