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Re: Suggestion, re: Minimal.db

> are still essential. I was thinking of generalizing the use of $local and a
> & prefix. The idea would be that every programmer could @local-corify
> mygeneric as myfoobar. You would then have   &myfoobar == $local.myfoobar
> == mygeneric. The trick is to change set_verb_code so and eval so that they
> do the &myfoobar -> $local.myfoobar conversion and to have verb_code do the
> $local.myfoobar -> &myfoobar conversion.
> Any regexp wiz interested?

$local is very often the dumping ground for such objects; there's just no 
commonly-accepted standard for this practice, though.  Short of telling 
everyone to port from one single MOO, it will come down to object numbers 
in the end I think.  Yr right, it is a standards problem.

> You port as wiz, ok, but does all the code you port with @autoport is
> wizzed-on-arrival? or only the wizzed if it was wiz owned at the from_site

Autoport includes an option called `owner'.  For example:
  @autoport 8888 Janus fat-chance #1234 owner=$hacker

By default, anything you port is owned by you.  The owner option lets you 
set the owner of what you're porting to something else.


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