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Couple of questions...


A friend and I are putting up a MOO and I was hoping to extract from some 
of the infinite wisdom here on the list for some assistance.  I've 
grep'ed through the Mb's of MOO-Cows archives throughout the past years but 
can't find any similar instance - maybe I'm overlooking something...

(1)  When I compiled the LambdaMOO kernel (1.7.9.p2) I purposely disabled 
the outbound connections in options.h as the comments suggested it would 
create a severe security leak.  Just how apparent is this and what is it 
limited to?

(2)  From reading the FAQ I've found that I do need to enable outbound 
connections to enable E-Mail to be sent to player requesters.  Does this 
interface automatically with sendmail or are there other configurations 
which need to be considered?  (running Linux 1.2.8)

(3)  Also, is there a fix which enables remote host name lookups?  Even 
requesting a character to be created from within the same machine and 
domain, the MOO kernel reports that the host name cannot be resolved.

Thanks for your help!  (I'm sure I'll have more questions to follow - 
forgive the MOObie.

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