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Re: Couple of questions...

On Mon, 11 Dec 1995, George M. Ellenburg wrote:

> (1)  When I compiled the LambdaMOO kernel (1.7.9.p2) I purposely disabled 
> the outbound connections in options.h as the comments suggested it would 
> create a severe security leak.  Just how apparent is this and what is it 
> limited to?

As far as I know, the only security hole is if a firewall is in place.  
People from within the MOO, with wizard permissions, can open up 
connections from the computer that the MOO is on, which may be behind a 
firewall.  I used this "feature" once to gain access to my account, which 
was behind a firewall, when my only access to that account was shut 
down.  (Needless to say, when the MOO's computer was rebooted, I lost all 
access to it and it's been down everysince.  I'm searching for a new host 
for it)

> (2)  From reading the FAQ I've found that I do need to enable outbound 
> connections to enable E-Mail to be sent to player requesters.  Does this 
> interface automatically with sendmail or are there other configurations 
> which need to be considered?  (running Linux 1.2.8)

Read through the code on $network that sends email.  (sendmail and 
raw_sendmail I think, but I may be mistaken.  It's something like that).  
The MOO opens a connection to the port 25 mailer, and sends mail that 
way.  that's why you need to allow outbound connections for sendmail to work.



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